We are people. A lot like you probably. And we want to grow in faith and in all forms of diversity; cultural, ethnic, racial, social, and economical. We want our church to look more like our community, and more like the church in the Bible.  Acts 13:1   We're not exactly sure how to do that but we're working on it. Would you be willing to come and help?

We are sinful. A lot like you probably. We've wronged and been wronged. The Bible calls this sin. We are sinners in need of redemption. We need the help of God to forgive. So most importantly we are people who are looking in the bible for the God of Peace with the hope of knowing the Peace of God through Jesus Christ.

We are a church. The bible is clear that the church is not a building. We get that wrong sometimes. We'll say something like, "I'll meet you at church". A church is the people that are gathered to worship and serve their God and their neighbor. We are a church of sinful people looking to God for hope and healing as we love and serve each other, our neighborhood, and our community.

We are Presbyterian. Presbyterian is a form of church government that provides oversight, checks, and balances for its leadership. We believe it's how the Bible has ordered the church and is the best way to be sure the church is doing all that God calls it toward. Presbyterianism is often connected with Reformed Theology. We are Reformed because it's where we see the birth, life, death, resurrection, ascension, and eternal reign of Jesus the most beautiful.

The best way to figure out who we are is to come and worship with us. If you'd like to talk with the pastor first, give the office a call.